Waive off interest on KCC loans in J&K in support of farmers: JD(U)

'Waive off interest on KCC loans in J&K in support of farmers: JD(U)'

Suggesting Government to constitute district and divisional level committee to redress issues of farmers in Jammu and Kashmir , Party President G M Shaheen and State General Secertary Vivek Bali has appealed Government not to charge interest on Kissan Credit Cards (KCC) loans, and electricity pumps in Jammu and Kashmir.

He also demanded release of pending compensation of farmers who lost their crops , last year.

In a statement to press, the J&K Party President G m Shaheen expressed concern over the plight of the farmers in Jammu and Kashmir who have pinned their hopes with the J&K Government and Lt Governor Manoj Sinha.

They appealed that the Government should release the pending compensations in favour of the farmers who have lost their crops and were assured adequate compensation by the Government.

The Shaheen said that the government should frame policy for the welfare of the farmers involving their representatives at the district and divisional level so that their issues can be addressed as early as possible.

“The interest of Kissan Credit Card loan should also not be charged from these poor people who are dependent upon their fields and at present times, they are passing though the hardships. KCC loan interest should be waved off,” he said, adding that the electricity charges and pump set should also not be charged from them.

When they have not used these things, he said, how they can be able to pay charges for these things.

When Government has given relaxation to the business houses, why the poor farmers cannot be considered in Government’s scheme, he questioned.

Vivek Bali State General Secertary said that the Government should seriously think on the issues of farmer’s community who are the back bone of economy of not only Jammu and Kashmir, but of the entire country.

“We grow world class basmati in our fields. Our farmers have made our proud. At the moment of crises, we must stand with them and given them all relaxations possible under the law,” he said.

Explaining the mental stress the farmers are passing though, Vivek Bali said the poor farmers are worried due to poor financial condition, and hardships in growing next crops in absence of labourers.

He said that farmers may come on roads if their demands are not accepted. He suggested that their issues should not be lingered any longer and demands should be accepted as early as possible on humanitarian ground.

On set of harvest season, Bali said, the farmers should be allowed to bring in tractors, thrashers and combine machines to be used to collect a ripe crop from the fields.