Samba police removed absentee policeman from service

'Samba police removed absentee policeman from service'

District police chief Benam Tosh has removed from service a policeman who has been absent for more than two years. The removed police personnel is Selection Grade Constable Varindra Pal Singh, who had been absent from duty several times during his duty. As per the service record, he was given several major and minor punishments.

Departmental action has been taken by SSP Samba against Varinderpal Singh in terms of Article-128 of J&K Civil Services Regulation (CSR, Vol-I) as the suspended officer did not bother to report back to duty for 2 years. Several wireless signal messages were also given. Notices were issued to him through representatives of the Samba police. He didn't think it appropriate to answer. It was probed through a board of ADL SP Samba Surinder Chowdhary, DSP HQ Mohd Usman. DSP DAR Samba Ajay Anand and DSP (P) Mamta Sharma who submitted the written report with the observation that the reply was "not credible and unauthorized absence of more than two years is not justified.

Further the Inquiry Officer (EO) had also recommended removal from service under Article-128 of J&K CSR, Volume-I therefore SSP Samba has taken appropriate departmental action under rules in the interest of the department. Let us inform that within two months in Samba district, two police personnel who were absent for a long time have been removed from service.