JKUT LG Manoj Sinha Unveiled a statue of Mahatma Gandhi Ji at Civil Secretariat, Srinagar

'JKUT LG Manoj Sinha Unveiled a statue of Mahatma Gandhi Ji at Civil Secretariat, Srinagar'

Hon'ble Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Manoj Sinha Unveiled a statue of Pujya Mahatma Gandhi Ji and a Charkha installation at Civil Secretariat, Srinagar. Charkha was used as a significant tool by Bapu in the fight against British Rule. It is a symbol of Swadeshi movement, self-reliance and economic freedom.

LG Manoj Sinha said "Bapu's ideals are for all humanity. I hope our officers, inspired by Bapu's ideas and ideals, will continue to work dedicatedly for dignity of every citizen in the society, for equality, social justice, and for a developed and self-reliant Jammu Kashmir, Pujya Bapu always believed that the message of Charkha's circumference is much broader than its tangible circumference. The goal of the Charkha is to serve mankind, to live without hurting others, to create an inseparable bond between the rich and the poor, capital and labour."

Following Bapu's ideals, J&K in 2021-22 had established 21,640 manufacturing & service units in the villages with the help of KVIC, providing employment to more than 1.73 Lakh. In the last FY, more than 10,628 new units had been installed.

Today, J&K villages are witnessing unprecedented growth due to the availability of various sources of income. New entrepreneurs are starting their new innings from villages. In terms of basic facilities, the gaps between village and the city are disappearing.