Gorakhpur: When it came to cross-border with the SP government, then land was forced for AIIMS

'Gorakhpur: When it came to cross-border with the SP government, then land was forced for AIIMS'

Inaugurating the Fertilizer, AIIMS and Regional Medical Research Center, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the previous SP government of Uttar Pradesh. While addressing the public meeting at the Fertilizer Ground, he said that when there was talk of cross-talk with the previous SP government, the land was made available under compulsion. Before that, the SP government of UP was doing a lot of ruckus.

PM Modi started the speech in Bhojpuri. He said - The city of religion, spirituality and revolution became a tribute to the godlike people of Gorakhpur. Many salutes to this holy earth. All of you have been waiting for a long time for the fertilizer factory and AIIMS, today the clock has come. Many congratulations to all of you.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that people's wait for fertilizer factory and AIIMS is over now. Then suddenly PM Modi became an attacker on the opposition. Said, how much was needed for Gorakhpur Fertilizer Factory and AIIMS. There was so much demand for these institutions here. The earlier government was very hesitant in giving AIIMS land here. When the matter was over, the government was compelled to give the land. Today's program is also a befitting reply to those who raised questions on timing.

The government of double engine was engaged in development works even during the Corona period

The PM said that even during the Corona crisis, the government of double engine continued to develop. Work did not stop. Since when have these people left the discipline of great men like Lohia ji, Jaiprakash ji. UP knows very well that the people of Lal Toli are only concerned with the red beacon. They have nothing to do with your pain. They just want power. To protect the goons mafia, free the terrorists from jail. Those with red caps are "red alert" ie alarm bells for the people of UP. The sugarcane farmers were made to cry by the previous government. There was also a difference of months in the amount given in installments.

Health facilities should be accessible to all

PM Modi said that health facilities should be good, affordable and accessible to all. I have seen people wandering for treatment, pledging their land. Earlier it was thought that institutes like AIIMS are only for big cities. Our government is taking it to far-flung districts. AIIMS in Gorakhpur will curb all infectious diseases including Encephalitis. Work is going on to build 16 AIIMS in the last seven years. It is our endeavor that every district must have at least one medical college.

Reduced dependency on BRD

PM Modi said that for a long time this entire area was dependent on only one BRD Medical College. Today such a big AIIMS has become. Research Center has its own building ready. Even when he had come to lay the foundation stone of AIIMS, he had said that he would work hard to get rid of encephalitis in this area. Today the effect of that hard work is visible. The disease has been controlled up to 90 percent in Gorakhpur-Basti division. Even those who fall ill, their lives are also being saved. The work of Yogi government is being praised internationally.

Petrol-diesel requirement being reduced through ethanol

PM Modi said that efforts are also being made to reduce the import of petrol and diesel through ethanol. Earlier only 200 million liters of ethanol was given to oil companies. Today, farmers of UP alone are giving more than 100 crore liters of ethanol to oil companies. PM Yogi praised the Yogi government for increasing the remunerative price to three and a half hundred rupees for sugarcane farmers.

PM Modi giddy after seeing the crowd

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was stunned to see the crowd, said that your love and faith gives energy to work day and night. When there is a government of double engines, then double speed work is also done. When the work is done with good intention, then even disasters do not become a hindrance. He said that today's event is also a proof of the fact that when a new India is determined, nothing is impossible for it.

People saw the formation of urea on the screen

Short films about Gorakhpur Fertilizer Factory, Gorakhpur AIIMS and Medical Regional Research Center were shown on screen to the people in turn after the PM inaugurated it. Earlier, PM Modi has inaugurated Gorakhpur Fertilizer Factory, AIIMS and Medical Regional Research Center by pressing the button. With this, the production of urea started in Gorakhpur Fertilizer Factory. People saw this on the screen being made of neem coated urea.