Hariyali Kranti Team's vigorous initiative in Himachal, plantation distributed at Dhauladhar festival and tree planting done on hill

'Hariyali Kranti Team's vigorous initiative in Himachal, plantation distributed at Dhauladhar festival and tree planting done on hill'

Hariyali Kranti Team's unique initiative in Himachal Pradesh, tree planting done with plant distribution at Dhauladhar Mahotsav

 Hariyali Kranti team reaches Himachal with message of increasing greenery; Plantation done with plant distribution at Dhauladhar festival

 In Himachal's Dhauladhar Mahotsav, literature, art, music, cinema, travel, as well as environmental coordination showing, the Hariyali Kranti team did plantation along with plantation.

 There was a strong message for promotion of environment in Himachal Pradesh with arts, literature, food and adventure tourism festival.  Famous celebrities of the country took part in Dhauladhar Mahotsav held on 20th and 21st.  It was attended by national, international writers, thinkers and publishers, people associated with music and cinema, media world as well as environmental workers and there was intense brainstorming on various aspects of life.  The most unique thing in this is that the team of Hariyali Kranti also made a strong presence.

 Plantation done along with plant distribution
 At the beginning of the Dhauladhar festival on March 20, trained environmental personnel of the Give me trees trust, led by Peepal Baba, gathered the visitors of the Dhauladhar festival with kitchen gardening packets, compost compost and indoor planting plants and large plants in jute bags.  Gift given.  At the same time, information was given about how to use these items related to increasing greenery.  He said that women and elders who do not come out of the houses and make an excuse not to plant trees, instead of growing small plants on the balcony and roof of their flat, they can take measures to increase oxygen.  Initiative should also be made to plant decoction-growing plants indoors.  This can also ensure the flow of oxygen inside the house along with the beauty of the house.
 The dignitaries who attended the Dhauladhar festival on the occasion of International Wild Day on 21st, enjoyed trekking on the mountain and at the same time did plantation work.  The regional people said that due to periodic fire in the Dhauladhar forests, there has been a lot of damage in the past years.  Some jungle mafia make their name for the forest land, first they set fire to it and then they get the land to their name after the jungle is over. Such gangs need to know how to work towards saving the forests by exposing them.

 Famous personalities of the media and PR world were also involved in the plantation program, regional people took care of the responsibility.

 In this plantation program organized by Hariyali Kranti Team, Total IFFCO - Head PR Department - Harshvardhan Singh, PRO Ministry of Defense - Kumar Anand, T.B.'s News Anchor Pooja Shukla, HT - Prasad Sanyal, Aaj Tak - First Dwivedi, Jansatta - Prabhat Upadhyay  , Pawan Jindal, Komal Badodkar, Vishal Kumar Aryan, Jasim - Independent Journalist, India News - Palampur district including Atul Gupta, many residents joined.  Local residents took the responsibility of taking care of these planted plants.

 What is Hariyali Kranti Abhiyan

 For the promotion of environment in the country, it is a unique mission being run under the leadership of environmental worker Peepal Baba.  Under this mission, people associated with his organization Give Me Trees Trust, do the work of distributing the plant on every occasion, and appeal to the people to join the environmental promotion campaign.

 They appeal to the people to celebrate their birthday or any auspicious day as Hariyali Divas and by planting trees on this day, contribute to environmental enhancement and contribute to save the earth.  The slogan of this campaign is "Har Aur Hariyali, Hara Ghar Khushali" and the goal is complete greenery.

 This campaign has been designed by the country's famous campaign designer Badri Nath.  According to Badrinath, this is the first citizen-to-citizen campaign in the world in which every citizen can participate as his birthday comes once a year and he can contribute to environmental enrichment by celebrating at least one green day.

 It is worth noting that the team of Hariyali Kranti registers for planting trees on the auspicious days of the people and on those days, does the work of planting trees and requests the people to do every auspicious work like puja recitation and  Include the rituals of planting trees along with other religious rituals in your life.  If every person of the country celebrates his birthday as a greenery day and takes care of them by planting only 1 tree on his birthday, then every year more than 1 crore trees in the country will automatically grow.  It is significant in this context that in the past, Muslim women and male supporters of Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, wearing burqas and hats, took care of them by planting 63 neem and 63 peepal trees at Jaunapur temple in Delhi to commemorate their 63rd birthday under the Hariyali Kranti Campaign.  He had given a strong message of religious harmony along with promotion of environment.